Agreement between the Swiss friendship and trade Association and Iranian institutions

بزودی اولین ساختمان تجاری ایران به درگاه دریافت ارزی مجهز میگردد
آگوست 28, 2016
Acuerdo de colaboración entre la asociación de la amistad y comercio helvética con instituciones iraníes
آگوست 31, 2016

On 1 Shahrivar 1395 (20st August 2016) was reached a collaboration agreement between the Swiss association of Iranian friendship and the Ferdowsi business center (Ferdowsi World Trading Center). Negotiations were led by Mr. Abolfazl Kalaei, engineer, owner and the Chairman of FWTC. The agreement establishes that the Swiss association headquarters will be located at the Ferdowsi trade center. The facility allows holding scientific-technical exhibitions and cultural seminars by the association. The center has an adapted infrastructure to host events of such magnitude and promote them easily. The entrepreneurial synergies between both countries, Switzerland and Iran, will be powered with this agreement. 

It is worth mentioning that one of the objectives of the agreement is to promote the trading center as one of the pioneers inside Iranian country where could be possible to operate and make purchases using credit and debit cards of other countries. This fact will integrate more Iran on the international interbank network.
The inauguration of Swiss association headquarters at FWTC is scheduled for 1 Mehr (20 st ofSeptember 20).
Iran currently earns from tourism only 5% of the overall budget of the world tourism industry; it is estimated that every tourist brings to the country a benefit equivalent to 25 barrels of fuel oil ($ 1,000). The benefits from tourism will be multiplied by enabling the service of credit and debit cards on local businesses as part of International open banking policies.

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