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Ertefa gostaran Sakhteman Company

کلاییThe company has valuable experiences in the field of constructing mass building on residential houses and villas, towers and commercial buildings, by using efficient methods and good management system with improving on both quantity and quality of buildings, made the company playing a significant role in development in Iran.
Ertefa Gostaran Sakhteman Company with 35 years of activity in the field of construction of residential, commercial and official buildings inside and outside of Iran is one of the most popular companies in this issue in this country. Some of the projects done by this company are mentioned below:

  • venous tower in mollasadra ave
  • sahar project in velenjak
  • asal tower in elahie Maryam st
  • farmanie project in sonbol st
  • mirdamamad project in parastoo sq
  • madean business administrative complex in nazi abad ferdos st gol st
  • saadat abad project and  zaferanie project


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