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مشخصات مرکز تجارت

  • 7000 square meters substructure in 14 floors
  • 5-storey car park with 1200 car capacity
  • 5-storey commercial property including 388 units
  • 2-storey office space including 74 units in 10000 square meters
  • 5000 square meters for Restaurants, Food courts, Outlet mall and Events
  • 5000 square meters for permanent showplace of Jewelries, Watches, Precious and Semiprecious stones
  • 2000 square meters sport area
  • Parking lifts in all up and down floors
  • Ten line elevator with 15 persons capacity
  • Two line Panoramic elevator in the entrance
  • Nano technology car wash and auto technical center
  • A safe space for setting ATM of Banks and Financial institutions
Floors Guidance

Ground Floor

Special for Currency Exchange

One of the main and special office in a World Trade Center is Bureau de Change or Currency Exchange, where merchants could do their foreign exchange transactions with safety. Due to settlement of currency exchanges in the area of Ferdowsi Avenue, some special services are considered for currency exchanges in this center to provide their services with peace of mind. These services could be installing currency exchange rate board display on the floor, designing the units according to technical specifications that is required for getting license of this issue, and setting high-security system in the units.

First Floor

Currency Exchange and Coins, Gold, Jewelries and Watch

Due to the international traveling and communication networks, buyers’ expectations for shopping center are changed. Today, citizens and tourists prefer to enjoy their shopping in a shopping center with suitable facilities such as parking, restaurant and café, safekeeping place for purchasing items, child care space and air conditioning system besides experiencing a different environment. 6 meters height in commercial structures with proper lighting is key point in creating a peaceful atmosphere for merchants and visitors.

Second Floor

specially for ….

Third Floor

The first permanent showplace of gold, jewelry, silver, precious and semiprecious stones

In 5000 square meters space and including:

  • 170 business units
  • 20 enchasing units
  • Gem testing laboratory for precious and semiprecious stones

In this showplace special conditions for economic activation is provided. Also all booths are furnished and designed equally including security system, safe box and furniture.

Fourth Floor

Food court and Conference Hall, Ceremonial Hall, Traditional Restaurant

More than 7500 meters entertainment spaces and room services including:

  • Food Court
  • Conference Hall
  • Ceremonial Hall
  • Traditional Restaurant

Fifth and Sixth Floors


There are 74 units in an area of 10000 square meters that are suitable places for business, merchants, insurance office, travel agencies and leasing companies. Also according to proper design and 12-line lifts in four corners and entrance of the building, accessibility to other units is very easy.

Basement 1 (B1)

 Bank Center and Hyper Star

One of the floors of Ferdowsi world Trade Center named Bank Center is allocated for bank branches and Financial Institutions. Design and location of this part of the building will be such that at the end of the working time of it, there is no sign of closing in other parts of the building. Also safekeeping box of this floor could be used individually.

Basement 2 to Basement 6 (B2 to B6)

Multi-Storey car parking

1200 car capacity in 5-storey will ensure you to do your shopping comfort.

Basement 6 (B6)

Parking and Gym

1200 car capacity in 5-storey will ensure you to do your shopping safely. Also in Basement 6, some facilities such as gym, car wash, car tune-up, car service center and also and advanced laundry are arranged.